Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Batman Miniature Game Arrow (TV)

Another quick victory this week and my 80th miniature of 2016! Only 2 more to match last years output! This was a quick paintjob tbh as the Arrow uniform from the CW tv series is mostly all the same colour. I went for the unhooded head just to have a bit of contrast and his gloves are black though its hard to tell.

This is my fourth Green Arrow leader for my crew he plays very similar to Comic Green Arrow but uses an ability called Multifire in which he can shoot 3 times with one of the 3 types of Arrow (Standard, Serrated and Flash) the only downside is that he can't move at all if uses this ability. I used him in his first game the other night and he led me to victory with Arsenal, Animated Canary, Spartan and the best of the four cops Agent O'Connell.

Painting was simple a base coat of dark angels green, a drybrush of greenskin followed by a further drybrush with spot of yellow add to greenskin to lighten it a little. A Green tone wash was applied all over to help blend it in. As a final touch I use dark tone on the bow, straps, and numerous quivers.

I'm tempted to try him at the next tournament though his back up may change slightly.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Batman Miniature Game Nyssa Al Ghul.

Another character crossed off the list for my League of Shadows. Another Sidekick for them and is a mobile shooter with a grapple gun. Not quite figured out how I plan to user her yet I am thinking of running her with the Alt Talia (crossbow) and a load of Ninja's and agents. I only have 5 figures left to paint and all the current LoS models will be painted!

I love the model and pose but hate the tactical rock she is standing on. I'd rather it have been a rubble heap than roof tiles.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Batman Miniature Game Talia Al Ghul (Tournament)

This is a conversion of Talia Al Ghul. This version is to be used for one of the very first Tournament cards. This version has a Crossbow and Knife instead of a Katana. So I picked up a second model and have used a hand/crossbow from the Wargames Factory set.  I decided to go for a blonde this time as I want to do the Comic version with raven black hair. I had a play with the black leather suit giving it a purple hue. I did a layer of dark grey with a cold grey highlight. Gave it a Purple Tone wash then once dry a dark tone wash to darken it down again. I think it turned out ok its meant to be subtle.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Batman Miniature Game Suicide Squad Slipknot

One of the minor roles in the Suicide Squad movie is a character called Slipknot. Without spoiling it he has only a little screen time..... I know very little outside of the movie about this character. I though that he must be some sort of climbing expert/thief. However a look at the wiki has him as some sort of assassin who uses chemicals on his ropes to make them nearly indestructible.

In game terms he is extremely useful he is very fast, comes with a grapple gun armed with a knife and a bullet proof vest. Makes him ideal to grab loot. But where he truly shines for me in my Bane crew is one ability 'Arrest' allowing him to remove Knocked out Characters by spending a movement and special counter. Now this is something I struggle with in my Bane crew both Bane and his Bodyguard Venom Soldier are cracking fighters dealing lots of stun (which people can recover eventually) But the arrest ability allows me to get rid of them so that they come onto other targets.

So far I have managed to arrest Arsenal, Animated Black Canary and Strix. As well as moving a bomb to my opponents deployment zone in the final turn of a recent game. So pretty useful and all for only 42 rep and $100 funding.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Batman Miniature Game Suicide Squad Killer Croc

First guy finished from the Suicide Squad boxed set is Killer Croc I love Croc in the movie and upon seeing how lovely the mini was in the flesh had to paint him up. Spurred also by the Dark Victory Tournament coming up immently I put the pedal to the metal to get him painted in time. The detail on crocs

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Batman Miniature Game Hawkman

Hawkman is another miniature I finished at the same time as AC Batman (Previous post). I had intended to attend the Animosity tournament with a new Birds of Prey list of Batgirl, Katana and both Hawk man and Hawk Girl. Only getting distracted by some of the new Suicide boxed set models changing my Crew preference at the last minute. Another wonderful mini easy to assemble. I had to way down the base as the wings make him a bit top heavy. I think he should've had the Large trait and been put on a 40mm base personally.  The recent FAQ Knight models have released have introduced changes to the Birds of Prey Team in a tournament setting. Whoever you choose as boss gains +1 Willpower, Reinforced Gloves (double stun damage) and the Leadership trait. Which is a nice touch as there girls leaders are quite soft and squishy really.  I think it should be added to the team rules permanently rather just at tournaments. It gives a nice boost to Black Canary and Batgirl if they are in charge.

The Hawks special fly high rule has taken a blow in the latest FAQ as well they have introduced a new trait called 'unnatural flight' which means when the return they can no longer use there basic move distance on the return to the table. Meaning they can't strike then fly off in the same turn. Will have to rethink the strategy with them both now.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Batman Miniature Game Arkham City Batman

I got him finished shortly after the last Zomtober post a week or so ago and only just got around to writing the post for him! As I have been busy preparing for the tournament I just attended in my previous post.

With the Suicide Squad box due to land (its arrived now) and it coming with a new version of Batman (Ben Affleck version) I have gave myself a kick up the arse to get my first Batman for the Batman game painted as I love the Batfleck version of Batman I wanted to get this Arkham City version of Batman done as it would of probably  been bumped down the paint queue. This version of Batman is considered to be one of the most well balanced stat and trait wise. I am looking forward to trying the Dark Knight out as I have yet to play as him and only faced the Frank Miller version so far. I have pretty much copied the colours from the Studio job (using my own paint colours).